Doctors Without Borders Highlights Troubling Syrian Health Trends


 Doctors Without Borders pic
Doctors Without Borders

Based in New Jersey, Rao Chalasani has served at a variety of top New York, NY, financial institutions in his career, most recently serving as the chief technology officer and risk strategist for Merrill Lynch. A charitable individual, Rao Chalasani supports relief organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.

According to a recent report from Doctors Without Borders, the need for humanitarian aid in Syria is greater than ever before. The organization conducted health surveys that show two alarming trends in the health care the country’s residents are receiving in the wake of the ongoing civil conflict.

The first trend is a direct result of the displacement that has taken place as a result of the fighting, specifically in the area of Daraa. Expectant mothers in this area have had a difficult time getting the care they need when delivering their babies, which has resulted in a high number of home births, as well as inadequate pre- and post-natal care.

The second troubling trend piggybacks off the first, with data showing that upwards of 60 percent of children five years of age and younger are not getting the vaccinations they need to ward off preventable illnesses. These reports were compiled from two major health surveys that Doctors Without Borders conducted in July 2016 and May 2017.


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