Doctors Without Borders Fighting Cholera in Yemen

Doctors Without Borders pic
Doctors Without Borders

Currently residing in New Jersey, Rao Chalasani has worked with several top New York, NY, financial companies throughout his accomplished career. Most recently, he served as the chief technology officer and risk strategist for Merrill Lynch. Outside of his work in the risk management field, Rao Chalasani supports several different charitable organizations, including Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

A recent outbreak of cholera in Yemen has Doctors Without Borders (MSF) calling for immediate aid to the region. According to MSF, the disease is spreading at a rampant pace and has the potential to propagate to uncontrollable proportions. Over a two-month period, the organization treated more than 12,000 cases of cholera, with the rate doubling over a five-day period near the end of May.

A lack of proper sanitation services, unclean drinking water, and continuing conflict destabilizing the region are the prime contributors to the spread of cholera in the area. Malnourished adults and children are at an elevated risk for contracting the illness, which is compounded by their lack of access to adequate health care. That’s why MSF is calling on relief organizations to send immediate aid to the area to help combat the spread of cholera to further, outlying areas.


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