UNICEF Strives to Reduce Ebola Transmission in Guinea

Skilled technology executive Rao Chalasani of New Jersey has applied his skills in roles at various New York City-based financial institutions, including Bank of America (BofA), JPMorgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank. A strong supporter of several charitable causes, Rao Chalasani dedicates his time and resources to such nonprofit organizations as UNICEF.

With schools reopening in Guinea, UNICEF and its partners are working in the country to reduce the risk of Ebola transmission among students and teachers. Prior to the reopening, UNICEF and partners assisted the ministries of education in developing important safety protocols to ensure that those with symptoms of Ebola are handled properly and referred to the nearest health clinic.

The organization also trained thousands of teachers to implement daily safety measures and to share risk-reduction methods with children, parents, and other community members. In addition, UNICEF distributed thermometers and hand-washing kits and is helping to deliver clean water to schools throughout the country.