Mass-Screening Initiative in South Sudan Targets Child Malnutrition

Rao Chalasani has served in the position of chief technology officer for major financial intuitions like Bank of America Merrill Lynch over the course of his more than 20-year career in New York City. Outside of his professional endeavors, Rao Chalasani contributes to numerous nonprofit organizations, including UNICEF.

UNICEF recently announced that it has partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme and the South Sudan National and State Ministry of Health, Sanitation and Environment to launch a new mass-screening initiative in South Sudan. Starting in Juba County, hundreds of trained community workers from the Government of South Sudan’s Social Mobilization Network will visit neighborhoods to screen children for malnutrition and offer care recommendations to caretakers. These social mobilizers will also visit the states of Northern Bahr-Ghazal and Warrap.

According to the leaders of the movement, social mobilization has played an instrumental role in health interventions against diseases like polio and cholera. The organizations hope that this new social mobilization initiative will help address malnutrition as an element in the cycle of illness, inequity, and poverty.