About the Sankara Eye Foundation

A former chief technology officer and risk strategist for Bank of America (BOFA) and the Merrill Lynch New York office, Rao Chalasani specialized in global markets. In addition to providing New York and New Jersey-based businesses with insight into risk management and other concerns, Rao Chalasani supports a number of charities, including the Sankara Eye Foundation.

Based in Milpitas, California, the Sankara Eye Foundation provides eye care for patients in India. It currently operates in eight hospitals throughout the country. Through fundraisers and individual donations, it has provided free surgeries to over 140,000 patients. Its mission is to eliminate curable blindness in India by 2020.

According to the foundation, India has the highest instance of blindness — one-fourth of the world’s blind live there. While 45 million Indians have visual impairment and 12 million are completely blind, 80 percent can be cured. With public support, the Sankara Eye Foundation hopes to stanch India’s blindness epidemic, one patient at a time.


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