For the Betterment of Women By Rao Chalasani

Sakhi for South Asian Women is a charitable organization in the NY metropolitan area that helps women dealing with domestic abuse in the South Asian community. Founded in 1989, Sakhi’s mission is to offer information, family support services, and legal assistance to those in need. The organization mobilizes the South Asian community and all people in the New Jersey and New York area in order to identify and condemn the abusers and underlying problems that lead to domestic abuse.

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Swarna Chalasani Economic Empowerment Fund (SCEEF) was created in collaboration with Sakhi to provide scholarships to women who are struggling economically and socially. Since 2003, the SCEEF has disbursed thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships to qualified candidates for continuing education and vocational training.

About the Author

Rao Chalasani is a senior technology executive at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. He founded the SCEEF in honor of his late sister Swarna, who perished in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.


An Overview of the Foreign Exchange Market By Rao Chalasani

The foreign exchange market (also called FX or forex) is the financial home of currency trades. Participants in the foreign exchange market invest in money, betting that the value of one currency will rise or fall relative to another. As with commodities markets, investors in the foreign exchange market have the option of putting money into futures contracts, which are contracts based on the future value of a given currency. Investment in foreign exchange markets is popular among banks, hedge funds, retail brokers, investment firms, and other players with large amounts of capital.

The market structure that exists today evolved as the world’s nations left the gold standard following expensive 20th-century wars. In 1976, the International Monetary Fund finalized the move away from gold and initiated the system we have today, in which the value of currencies are determined relative to one another.

About Rao Chalasani: During the late 1990s, Rao Chalasani provided support and implementation for foreign exchange training at a bank in New York, NY. Since then, Chalasani has held positions at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America (BOFA), and Deutschebank. He lives in New Jersey.