“Overview of Childreach International USA” by Rao Chalasani

A non-profit organization committed to helping children achieve their full potential, Childreach International USA operates on a global level, supporting community-based, sustainable projects. Past projects have included the Khaday Primary School, where Childreach renovated and constructed portions of a schoolhouse in order to prevent overcrowding, and the Mahida Vocation Training Center, where a maize-milling machine was installed and kitchen and classroom facilities were renovated.

Childreach chooses its projects based on the referrals of local community and government leaders. In each case, a Childreach representative visits and evaluates the referred site. Once high-priority sites have been identified, Childreach begins to coordinate the project, utilizing local laborers and other members of the community. In this way, Childreach seeks to empower local communities and help them to continue to grow under their own initiative.

About Mr. Chalasani: Rao Chalasani is a proud sponsor of Childreach International USA and a selection of other charitable organizations.


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